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Customer Privacy Requirements

The requirements needed for our Safe Info seal of approval will provide you with the means to advertise your ethical business practices and create stronger relationships with your customers. First of all, you do need to focus on the private data and information that you require from all of your customers through your website. This private data does include the use of home telephone numbers, addresses, names, and credit card information.

To receive our Safe Info seal of approval to prove the ethical business practices of your website, you do need to treat all personal information as of the utmost importance for the protection of your customers. It is also necessary to regard all of this private information as sensitive, meaning that it deserves strict security and protection. As a business owner, you do need to enable your customers to have the option refusing to disclose any of their private information if it is not directly related to the purpose of the purchase or service. They do need to have the capability to decline the request for this information, unless it is directly pertinent to the sale or purchase.

You also do need to advertise whether or not this personal information is sold to third parties, which is part of protecting all customers in the online setting. If this is the case, then you do need to notify all customers with an e-mail to garner their consent to solicit their personal information. Any informational e-mails or newsletters that are sent to customers do need to have a link to allow them to unsubscribe, depending on their preference.

If your customer is under 13, you cannot collect their personal information without the consent of a guardian. If any of the pages on your site are only for users over 13, then anyone under 13 should be restricted from the use of these pages.

It is important to take steps of the utmost security when collecting and disclosing any information from your customers so that all of their data is completely secure. You do need to link to your privacy policy from the home page of your website, as well as from any other page that is collecting private and personal information. These standards of excellence in business practices are exactly what will allow you to proudly display our Safe Info seal of approval, establishing yourself as a credible e-commerce website that provides a secure place for purchases and services for all of your customers.


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