We offer a professional privacy certification to give credibility to the reputation of your e-commerce website in the eyes of your online customers.

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Privacy Certification Seal

A Safe Info Privacy Certification will show that your online business has been inspected by Safe Info and has met all of our standards in excellence regarding data protection and online user privacy. Displaying this Privacy Certification within your website will show all of your customers that all private data that is collected, including home phone numbers and addresses, will not be disclosed to any third parties without their permission. This is necessary to create trust between your customers and your business to enable your business to grow and thrive on the Internet.
These Privacy Certifications must be renewed on a yearly basis, and if you do change your privacy policy at any time, you will need to apply for a reassessment from our company. The cost of this Privacy Certification is XXX, and the costs can be paid when your application for the Privacy Certification is submitted for our review.

What we do assess within our privacy policy inspection is how you collect and use your information from your customers. You do need to inform all of your customers if you are collecting data directly from them, including through Cookies and IP addresses. You do need to disclose to your customers why any data is being collected from them for their safety and protection. You also do need to clearly state to your customers if you rent or sell their information to third parties. All of this security information is incredibly important in establishing your reputation as an e-commerce website, and it also enables your customers to feel safe in all of their purchases or services.

Private security is sensitive information, and it is important that your website is password-protected for all of your users. Taking the time to review your privacy policy works for the benefit of your customers and your business, enabling you to have safer and more ethical business practices overall. This is also important in focusing on making the web a safer place, and this credential is something that all of your customers will look for before purchasing from your website.

Your privacy policy and security information does need to be easy for your customers to understand because it will enable them to better trust in the ethical practices of your business. Having this clear Privacy Certification from Safe Info is the most effective way to garner trust from present and future customers, as well as to promote safe online business practices all over the web.

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